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Our Love Story

Grace and Nathan met in their International Relations 201 course at Franklin & Marshall College.

One afternoon in class, Grace leaned over to Nathan and asked "What are you working on?"


Ten years later, the rest is history. 

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 Grace's Story 

Born to Ann and Charles Meredith IV in Montgomery County, PA, Grace is the older sister to Charles V (Quint) Meredith.


Raised by Ann and also her adopted father, Dr. Dennis Wint, Grace works in marketing at the Wharton School and is also earning her master’s in public administration at the University of Pennsylvania's Fels Institute of Government.

 Nathan's Story

Born in New Castle County, DE, to the late Robin Hughes and Edward Simmons, Nathan is the younger brother of Tara Hughes.


Raised by Richard and Sheila Hughes with cousins Hailey and Jake, Nathan graduated from Franklin & Marshall College and is both a civically engaged leader and business development professional.

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